July 2014 – My First Blog

I love writing.. I used to make all these short stories, typically about a girl and a boy. I was trying to find myself back then and trying to figure out what type of boys I liked. I mean I don’t think I have a type at all. If there is “the type,” all my boyfriends (past and present) would be the same.

They would have the same interest, the same hobby, the same everything. It turns out that all of the guys I’ve dated are all different.

I met my first boyfriend when I was in 6th grade. We went to the same tutoring place and he liked me. I used to wear glasses and had braces. I have no idea what he saw in me! He was kind of cute though. People said he looks like the Asian version of Harry Potter. He was also my first break up. It hurt a lot and I remembered crying so much..

My second boyfriend was in high school when I was still in middle school. I liked him a lot because he was so tall, pale and skinny. He was cute when he smiled. We only dated for two days because apparently he liked someone else. ;(

I met my third boyfriend through my younger sister. My sister used to “date” his brother. He asked me out through letters. It was kind of cute, but weird at the same time. I broke it off probably after a week.

My fourth boyfriend went to a branch school of mine. We met while we were in South Korea attending a scout’s camping trip for the whole South East Asian countries. He lived far away from me and two months we were dating, we only saw each other twice. Plus he had this idea that he wasn’t good enough for me..

My fifth boyfriend was also in high school while I was in middle school. He was my last boyfriend before I moved to America. He drove, he played basketball, and he was cool. He was my first kiss and my first everything. He cheated on me while we were in long-distance relationship. I’m glad he did because he had a big nose anyway.

I met my sixth boyfriend at my church. We were friends for two years. He liked me for a year before he asked me out. Our relationship was far from perfect but he helped me grow in my relationship with God in some ways. We prayed and asked for prayers from people around us before we officially dated. It took a month of prayers before he finally asked me out and I said yes. There was only one thing that was flawed. He wasn’t ready to settle down and still had his own future plans and I wasn’t in them. I think he was the first guy I truly know I loved. But God knows better and helped me let him go. We broke up because he wanted to go to a mission trip as a single man.

I told my current boyfriend that he’s lucky number SEVEN. I met him while working at his dad’s restaurant. He was a pretty funny guy and at first I wasn’t interested. I was dating boyfriend #6 and he was dating another girl. After we all ended our relationships, we hung out even more. One night out of the blue, he told me he liked me and would like to go out with me. After two days, I said yes! The story goes from there. We’ve been dating since October of 2013. We’ve enjoyed spending time with each other and getting to know each other more. We live quite far apart and don’t see each other every day. On the days we get to hang out, we cherish each other more and appreciate each other’s presence. This has been an amazing experience so far. Our hearts have been broken and we both have been cheated on. We understand where we were coming from and trying hard to avoid recreating those pains between us. Although sometimes he got me so mad and I annoyed him, I cannot imagine life without him.

All these times, I just need to look to the other side and God provides me with so much blessings!

I love you, boyfriend!! ;) <3


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