November 2014 – Subscribe to Beauty Boxes

This is so embarrassing, but I recently subscribed to three beauty box monthly subscription services: Birchbox, ipsy and Boxycharm! I have no idea where it got started, but I think my sisters daily complain of how I should take care of myself finally hit me. I even shopped beauty products from Nordstrom during Black Friday.

Anyways.. I’m pretty excited because the monthly charge for two (Birchbox and ipsy) is $10/month with $1.00 tax for ipsy and $21/month for Boxycharm.

Birchbox and ipsy are pretty similar in products. You get about 4-5 sample and deluxe sample products each month. While Boxycharm gives 4-5 full size and deluxe sample products. I’ve been obsessing over YouTube videos, Instagram and Twitter to see which of these services give you the bang for the buck! I decided to try three and let’s see which one is worth it.

I’m going to try to update on some of the products I will receive here! If I got something interesting, I’ll probably post it here as well.

To get you started on Birchbox, go here.

To get you started on ipsy, go here.

To get you started on Boxycharm, go here.

UPDATE — Julep (the nail polish brand) also has subscription for their nail polishes and other beauty stuff. They’re offering FREE BOX for your first box (only pay shipping for $2.99). You can always skip each month or give it away to a friend, after your first paid box. Click here to join!


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