December 2014 – Birchbox Review

About – Birchbox is a subscription service that give you five sample-sized products every month. Like ipsy, the products range from makeup, skin care and hair care products.

Cost – $10 + tax every month.

COOLA – Face SPF 30 Unscented Matte Tint

Still need to try this..

Camille Beckman – Body Butter

This body butter comes in a tiny tube so I usually use them as hand lotion. It smells really good and it doesn’t leave any greasiness after you put it on. I leave it at my office so I can moisturize my hands after every hand wash.

SeaRx – Microdermabrasion Face and Body Scrub

This one of the products that I thought would come in a bigger container from the picture online. It came in a tiny squeezy tube and honestly won’t be enough for a body scrub. [need to try it still]

RUSK – Texture Spray

I’m not an avid hairspray user, but I tried this a few times after I straighten my hair. It smells really good and even after a good 5 months, it’s still sitting not even half empty on my dresser.

Acure Organic – Lip Lush

I liked the color, but not a big fan of the texture. It also smells like banana, which is kind of weird to me for a lip product. I gave it away to my sister.


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