December 2014 – 26th Anniversary

Today marks the 26th anniversary of my parents’ marriage! Can you imagine living, loving, taking care, sleeping next to, waking up next to, shopping with, traveling with, arguing with, having babies with, growing older with just one person?..

The love story of my parents are probably ordinary; just like how you meet your significant other. They are seven years apart and they met when my mom was in her senior year of high school. She told me that one of her neighbors was my dad’s cousin. He came from a different part of Indonesia and stayed at his cousin’s house while living in Jakarta.

He used to ride a motorcycle; my mom and my aunt (her sister) flirted with him by asking him to teach them how to ride his motorcycle. Somehow he got stuck on my mom and they started to date. Although they only dated for a few months, my dad wanted to marry my mom right after she graduated high school.

She said they dated on and off because they got married in 1988; when she was 25. My grandpa liked my dad and told her that if she marries him, she will live happily. My parents grew up poorly with only one parent in the household.

My mom’s mom passed away when she was around 9. My grandpa and grandma didn’t lead a happy marriage. Rumors has it that my grandpa married my grandma out of anger because his past relationship was not allowed by my great grandparents. That’s kind of sad; not being able to be with the one you really love. After my grandma passed, my mom was the one who took care of her younger sibling: my aunt and uncle. My other uncle, my mom’s big brother, was 10 years older than her and had already married with kids at that time. They had to share house with my other uncle’s family and it was packed. I heard his wife also took advantage of my mom by asking her to cook, clean and take care of her kids.

My dad’s dad passed away too before I got a chance to meet him. My grandma whom I met a few times passed away when I was little and I remembered my dad told me she was widow for 20 years. I heard stories that my dad was the brightest in his class, but didn’t get a chance to finish school because his family was poor. He had seven other siblings. That’s why I admired his perseverance and determination to provide for his family, and not having us go through what he went through. Although he is stingy at times, he’s a giving person too. He always prioritizes his family..

Their marriage isn’t perfect. They argue and disagree a lot, but I know they love each other so much! They inspire me to look forward to my own marriage in the future and hope to last like theirs is.

Happy anniversary! I love you guys <3


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