December 2014 – Facts

1. I love school! I cannot get over organizing my classes, renting my books and prepping my supplies.

2. I want to have a pet pig someday, but I’ll be really sad once the pig goes to “upstate farm.”

3. I am never a person who cares about how I look, but now I become one. :) It’s good to feel good about yourself by caring about how you look, right?

4. People told me I type really fast.

5. My current obsession is subscription boxes.

6. I have two sisters and I live with them, without the ‘rents.

7. My car’s name is Dante. It’s a 2014 Scion xB.

8. One summer a couple of our friends and one of my sisters took a road trip from Los Angeles, California to Columbus, Ohio.

9. I’ve never been to Europe.

10. I’ve been to Singapore, Australia and South Korea.


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