December 2014 – Holiday Gift Guide for Gals and Guys

I’ve never been very good at knowing what people want for their birthdays or even for the holidays. I’ve attempted to make a mini-list of the gifts I’ve given to some of my close friends. For you guys who haven’t finished shopping, or even started, I hope you can get inspired and if I’m missing something, please do add in the comments below.. :) Happy gifting and Happy Holidays!

For the girls and ladies in your life

1. RAVPower Mini Portable Charger

This charger is a size of a lipstick and they have variety of different color (black, blue, gold, pink and silver). They for sure have the color pink for all the girly girls in your life. It’s $14.99 on Amazon and it’s the perfect gift for the girls (and guys) who are on their phones almost 24/7.

2. Beauty Blender 2-pack with Beauty Cleanser

This thing is amazing and this deal is a steal! Your make-up lover girlfriends will love it if this shows up under her Christmas tree.

3. Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar

It’s a new eye shadow palette from Too Faced and it’s the biggest hype this holiday season.. in the make-up world at least.

4. Bath & Body Works Mix & Match Products

You can never go wrong with these! Your girls can totally use this in any occasions. Even if she already has a collection, it’s never wrong to add more to it. Girls can never have too much lotion and body wash! It’s also the perfect gifts for your boyfriend’s mom and I’ll always go with the hand soaps.

5. Anything UGG Australia

These boots are so comfortable! If you don’t know what style she likes, you can always get the Classic looks. But one of these will guarantee a smile on her face and a very special bear hug for you!

6. Other random things I can think of:

iPhone covers, Starbucks giftcards, her favorite stores giftcards (Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Macy’s, Nordstrom or even Target), iTunes giftcards, JEWELERY!, purses (Michael Kors, kate spade, Coach), anything from the heart will do!


For the boys and men in your life

1. Computer Chair

It’s kind of hard to get a computer chair online because you never know how it actually looks like. My boyfriend has a specific kind that he wanted, which was high back mesh. This chair is what I got for him. I had it sent to his house and we built it together.. :)

2. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

To me, keyboard and mouse for my computer are the same.. But for some reasons, for the boys they’re different. My boyfriend got this lit up gaming keyboard and it looks pretty cool! He also owns a special gaming mouse.

3. His Favorite Sports Game Ticket

My boyfriend is a big fan of LA Lakers! We went to the game probably four times since we’ve dated. The rush of watching the game live is awesome. My friend found this Ticketmaster-certified website to find cheaper tickets. It could be for Lakers and any other sporting events.

4. Nike Shoes

I don’t know why buy they just look so good in Nike! Here are some of my boyfriend’s favorite: Roshe Run and Toki Low.

5. Board Game

My boyfriend and his friends love to get together and play board games. The latest game they were obsessed with was Agricola. Some of the games they play are: Settlers of Catan and Avalon.

6. Other random stuff:

Earphones, Bluetooth speaker, cell phone car mount, Nike socks, slim leather wallet, skinny ties, sunglasses (Ray Ban, Oakley), electric shaver, cologne.


Hope this guide helps deciding what to get the ladies and men in your life! Leave a comment below and share with me what are some other items you are planning to get an have gotten.


Happy Holidays 2014.. :)


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