December 2014 Favorites

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2015 is going to be a great year for all of us. I hope everyone had so much fun during the holidays with your family and loved ones, and I wish you all a great year (of course, years as well) coming up! There’s so much things to look forward to that I cannot wait to unfold all the adventures, fun and love.Happy New Year

I want to take some time to write a bit about some of my December favorites. It’s been a month of trying out new beauty/fashion/tech stuff for me, and some of these products are probably your old favorites. So if you like some of the products below, let me know below!

1. beautyblender

I was a little bit skeptical when I first tried this baby! I told it would just function as a regular sponge you’ve seen everywhere at Sephora and I would feel like I wasted $35 on something I could buy in bulk at Target for less than $10. BUT they are not! They are amazing! They work wonders to my foundation/concealer routine every morning, and I was happy I purchased it.

I got it from Amazon and it came with two beautyblenders and one generous bottle of the cleanser. I got them for around $35 which is a deal, because one beautyblender costs about $20 elsewhere. You can get it now for $31 on Amazon! If you wanted to try it without buying the whole set, Amazon also sells it for around $14! Let me what you guys think.

2. Tarte – tres chic park ave princess contour palette

When I saw this at Sephora and $10 off, I just had to get it! I didn’t plan on buying anything when I went in that day, but these colors are so beautiful! It came in a trio – bronzer, blush and highlight. The first appeals to me were the $10 off making the palette $24 and the name has the word princess to it! My name means princess :)

But after about a month of use, I’m loving this palette aside from the price and name. Since seeing videos about people contouring their faces, I wanted to get on it as well; however, I’m not sure if I can go to the extreme like all these pros because I just simply don’t have the skills. So this contour palette is great for practice and if you don’t want to do too much contouring just yet..

**It might not be at Sephora anymore, but Macy’s still has it for $24 online (and probably in store as well).

3. Logitech C615 Web Camera

This is kind of embarrassing, but I recently found it intriguing that you can make money out of the YouTube videos you make. I’m setting up my channel, not expecting to have lots of view in one night.. I uploaded my first video and I talked about the subscription boxes I have with my Macbook’s camera. The quality is not bad, but it’s not so good either.. My boyfriend hasn’t given me anything for Christmas so I asked him to buy me this HD webcam from Logitech. I have been playing around with it a few times and the quality seems pretty good. The recorded video quality is definitely 1080p, instead of 720p with my Macbook’s camera. If you want to check out some random videos I’ll be posting here, head over to my channel and subscribe, like or view.. :)

4. Kat Von D. Tattoo Liner

I got the mini size from a box full of other eye liners at Sephora. At first, I didn’t really know how to use it properly because the tip of the liner is fine and I’m used to big chunky one. Somehow I managed to learn how to create a winged eyeliner with this tattoo liner, and ever since then I use my mini size every day!

I just read up about her today and she’s an amazing person as well! She did a tour of some sort and some of the profit she made was donated to a charity. I can’t wait what other products she’ll come up with this year.

I’ll be posting some other products I’ve been loving in December on YouTube, maybe today or over the weekend. If you’d like to check it out, subscribe to my channel :)



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