Jaclyn Hill Favorites with Morphe Brushes

People have been breaking the internet for this palette, and so many people have been on their computer all night and all day long.. I am so thankful that I got mine in the mail today :)

I live in Southern California and I had sent this to my work, which is only a city away from the Morphe Brushes original store in Burbank. I think that’s the only reason why I got it in the mail so quickly.

I heard about Jaclyn Hill from my sister; she’s been a loyal follower of her on YouTube and I’m sure she buys makeup products that Jaclyn recommends, uses and vouches. I originally was planning to get this for her because I know she would be working on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and wouldn’t have the time to order. I tried a few times in the morning of January 1st and had no luck in connecting to their website. Then I waited until before I went to sleep to order and it took me about 40 minutes using Firefox as everyone else on the internet suggested that night. My order went through, confirmed and shipped all within a little bit more than a week.

My sister actually also had the time to order this for some reasons.. So I think I’m going to keep this one for myself :)

Jaclyn Hill Favorites | Morphe Brushes

Jaclyn Hill Favorites | Morphe Brushes

For everyone who’s still waiting on their order, I’m sure it’ll get to your home soon! I feel like if you live closer (aka in California), your order will ship earlier than January 23rd.. :D

Stay Beautiful <3


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