February 2015 – Sick as a Bird

Hello lovelies!

Who is struggling right now with sore throat, runny nose and sneeze attacks like I am? If you are, I feel you!! Who would’ve thought being sick as an adult is a struggle? I tried to get out of bed early this morning and tried to stay strong for work, but it’s not working as well as I wanted it to be..

At times like these, I really wish my mom is here to make me porridge and take care of me. Sometimes I can be such a cry baby ;)

While learning about cultural diversity in Public Health, my class also learned that there are a lot of homemade remedies that different culture believe can cure diseases and also how you get those diseases, especially with the common cold and flu. Here a few speculations around the topic and let me know if there are others your parents passed down to you and your siblings.

1. Wear a jacket when it’s cold outside

My mom (and probably yours too) always tells me to wear my jacket when going outside, especially when it’s cold. I somewhat will listen because I don’t want to get cold. But you can only get flu and cold when the viruses is “activated” through contact with viruses outside your body. You can touch a bathroom’s door and forget to wash your hands before you touch your nose. You can drink the same water from someone who is already sick. There’s no way you can catch a cold or flu by not wearing your jacket when it’s cold out, but it’s not a bad advise especially when you’re already almost sick. You don’t want to compromise your immune system.

2. Drink honey lemon water.

I just fell in love with this home remedy! I used to love honey, but I just had a bad combination when I used honey with my tea.. With water thought, it is amazing! I know it might not have any power what so ever to shoo away the cold or flu, but they sooth my throat almost better than Theraflu.

3. Cold compress.

When I was little, we had this rubbery bag to compress our body when we have a fever. As weird as it sounds, it helps to lower down the fever. Of course medicines help too, but this is one thing I’ll have in my freezer when I have kids. The coldness used to make me comfortable and forget about my fever.

4. Eat porridge.

Again, there’s no power what so ever from porridge to shoo away your sickness, but eating this just calm my stomach and put myself in a peaceful mood. Even thinking about it makes me feel so good ;D (I’m weird I know).. I love mine with chicken, some hot sauce and green onions. I think this is the equivalent of chicken soup as well.

5. Sprite for sore throat.

When I was little, I remember that sodas were out of the question when you’re sick. But one of my friend’s moms said that Sprite actually help with sore throat. Maybe the lemon-lime combine with carbonated water help soothe the ache.

What are some of your home remedies you learned from your parents? Care to share some?

Stay healthy, beautiful people <3


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