February 2015 – ipsy Glam Bag “Ipsy Love” Review

About – ipsy is a subscription beauty service that delivers right to your door every month. Products vary from beauty products, hair care products, skincare products and beauty tools.

Cost – $10 + tax

Eva NYC – Up All Night Volumizing Spray

The first thing I noticed about the spray is that it smells so good! When it came in the mail, this unfortunately leaked. I contacted ipsy care and they sent me another one the next day!

At first I thought this was a hairspray and was a bit turned off by it because I don’t use hair spray that much. However, after I read the “how-to” section, I realize that it’s one of those leave-in hair products and supposedly this spray will help you get that extra volume for your hair, which is what I wanted since my hair is pretty flat.

Mitchell and Peach – Fine Radiance Face Oil

Before I got my February glam bag, I watched Ingrid Nielsen’s video where she was using this face oil before applying her morning makeup routine. I thought to myself that I probably won’t use this oil before my morning makeup, because my face is oily already. I felt like this was going to make my face even oilier than it already is. I opted to use this at night before sleeping, but I fell off the routine and haven’t used this face oil ever since that first try. So not really a big fan of face oil, but I think I’ll try to put this in my skin care regimen once or twice a week.

Emite Make Up – Professional Eyelash Curler

YAY! Can never go wrong with an extra eyelash curler :) Although ipsy did send an e-mail saying that some of the curlers are faulty. Mine was great, and still stored nicely in my makeup organizer.

City Color Cosmetics – Creamy Lip Stain

I can never say no to more lip products! This lip stain’s color is so pretty and girly. I feel like the finish is in between matte and glossy. It’s not super shiny, but it’s not super drying either.

ModelCo – BLUSH Cheek Powder

Another thing to know about me is I’m a blush junkie! I got excited trying on new blush. I like this blush because the color is so soft and again super girly! I don’t have to be afraid to put on extra layers of this blush, because the color is soft I won’t look like a Japanese doll :)


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