SoapBox Shampoo & Conditioner – #SudsySelfie | Influenster VoxBox

I want to come in here and talk about Influenster for a bit!

If you don’t know what Influenster is.. It’s basically a website where you can connect all your social media and they calculate your social impact score. You get to review, ask questions and answer others’ questions about products from make-up to food! Another plus about Influenster is their Vox Box!

Vox Box is basically boxes they send out every so often to members. They are free and you are required to review them in your social media. Each box comes with their own tasks. Some require you to post on Instagram, tweet on Twitter, write a blog post (like this one), or even upload an unboxing/review video on YouTube.

I recently got a box with SoapBox goodies! Again, I received them for free for review purposes..

I got the Bataua shampoo and conditioner! They smell SO GOOD, you can smell it from outside the plastic baggy and the box when I got the package.

Bataua Shampoo & Conditioner

The shampoo to me is a bit too drying. I really like it when there’s lots of bubble, but this one doesn’t really give you that.. I usually pour extra shampoo and use more water. On the other hand, I love the conditioner! It is not greasy at all and when you wash it off, it doesn’t feel slippery. They are pretty affordable and you can purchase them from Target.

Another thing about this brand.. They are doing so many good things around the world. So for every purchase, they donate a portion of the profit to create programs that benefit a bunch of people. Every bottle comes with a “hope code” that helps track where the money you spend to purchase that bottle goes. My shampoo “hope code” reveals that they’re implementing a water safety programs for school kids in India.

Super awesome brand! Affordable and they’re doing good for others. I’ll definitely be trying on some of their other scents.