Hello from me :)

Hello guys!

Whooo, I haven’t been here for a hot minute and a few! I do apologize as I was crazy busy with work and school. I didn’t even really get to update my YouTube channel for a few months.

Since the last time I wrote here, there are a lot of things that happened!

New work

I started a new job so much closer to where I live. I started late June of 2015 and I was recently promoted! I really enjoy what I do at my new job and I work with a bunch of my good friends. My boyfriend also works with me, but he was recently got promoted too at another department. I can see myself working at this company for a long time. So many people who work here longer than I am have been with the company for a very long time. Even though the pay might not be as great as other company, the benefits I got are really great!

New place

I was courageous enough to move out of my parents’ place! Well, I don’t live with my parents anymore (just with my sisters) before I moved out. But I moved out with my boyfriend and a friend of ours to our own apartment! It’s been a pretty challenging adventure to live on my own; to pay for rent and our own bills. It’s also challenging to adapt your living habits with other people and also to adapt to their living habits. Our lease ends in November of this year; my boyfriend and I are getting our own place.


I started my graduate program in the fall of 2015. It’s a real struggle for me to work full time and go to school; not only with time but financial as well. So as of now, I think I’m going to postpone going back to school. I was only planning to take a semester break, but we’ll see how I feel next year.

More YouTube and blogs

I do plan to create more content on my YouTube channel and here on WordPress. If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel, I do a lot of unboxing videos of subscription boxes. I want to expand more to maybe tutorial videos but I’m not yet comfortable to do that :) As I’ve mentioned before, I’m only a beauty enthusiast who loves to collect make-up products; not a makeup artist.. I do plan to vlog once my boyfriend and I get our own place at the end of this year.

If you haven’t checked out my channel yet, here’s the link: Sarah’s YouTube channel

Here’s my two latest videos:

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Thanks for reading and I’ll write to you soon :)



Sarah :)





Hello guys!

I feel like I haven’t been here in so long! I’ve been super busy with my YouTube channel that I neglect my blog.. I am back and I promise I’ll post more here as well..

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February 2015 – Sick as a Bird

Hello lovelies!

Who is struggling right now with sore throat, runny nose and sneeze attacks like I am? If you are, I feel you!! Who would’ve thought being sick as an adult is a struggle? I tried to get out of bed early this morning and tried to stay strong for work, but it’s not working as well as I wanted it to be..

At times like these, I really wish my mom is here to make me porridge and take care of me. Sometimes I can be such a cry baby ;)

While learning about cultural diversity in Public Health, my class also learned that there are a lot of homemade remedies that different culture believe can cure diseases and also how you get those diseases, especially with the common cold and flu. Here a few speculations around the topic and let me know if there are others your parents passed down to you and your siblings.

1. Wear a jacket when it’s cold outside

My mom (and probably yours too) always tells me to wear my jacket when going outside, especially when it’s cold. I somewhat will listen because I don’t want to get cold. But you can only get flu and cold when the viruses is “activated” through contact with viruses outside your body. You can touch a bathroom’s door and forget to wash your hands before you touch your nose. You can drink the same water from someone who is already sick. There’s no way you can catch a cold or flu by not wearing your jacket when it’s cold out, but it’s not a bad advise especially when you’re already almost sick. You don’t want to compromise your immune system.

2. Drink honey lemon water.

I just fell in love with this home remedy! I used to love honey, but I just had a bad combination when I used honey with my tea.. With water thought, it is amazing! I know it might not have any power what so ever to shoo away the cold or flu, but they sooth my throat almost better than Theraflu.

3. Cold compress.

When I was little, we had this rubbery bag to compress our body when we have a fever. As weird as it sounds, it helps to lower down the fever. Of course medicines help too, but this is one thing I’ll have in my freezer when I have kids. The coldness used to make me comfortable and forget about my fever.

4. Eat porridge.

Again, there’s no power what so ever from porridge to shoo away your sickness, but eating this just calm my stomach and put myself in a peaceful mood. Even thinking about it makes me feel so good ;D (I’m weird I know).. I love mine with chicken, some hot sauce and green onions. I think this is the equivalent of chicken soup as well.

5. Sprite for sore throat.

When I was little, I remember that sodas were out of the question when you’re sick. But one of my friend’s moms said that Sprite actually help with sore throat. Maybe the lemon-lime combine with carbonated water help soothe the ache.

What are some of your home remedies you learned from your parents? Care to share some?

Stay healthy, beautiful people <3

New to WordPress? Blogging 101 starts on January 5.

I’m excited! :)

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If you’re new to blogging, a new session of our introductory blogging course starts on Monday, January 5 — and all bloggers are welcome, whether you blog on WordPress.com, a self-hosted WordPress blog, or somewhere else entirely.

What is Blogging 101? Four weeks of daily bite-size blogging assignments that take you from “Blog?” to “Blog!” along with a supportive community to encourage you all the way through. At the end of the course, you’ll have a blog you’re proud and excited to publish — and that others are excited to read. Here’s how it works:

If any other baby bloggsters are as nervous about this as I was, I have only one thing to say – go for it! My site is looking more and more how I want it to look and I am gaining confidence and followers (up to 423!) by the day.
– Sue of Happiness, Health, and Hypnosis

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December 2014 – Holiday Gift Guide for Gals and Guys

I’ve never been very good at knowing what people want for their birthdays or even for the holidays. I’ve attempted to make a mini-list of the gifts I’ve given to some of my close friends. For you guys who haven’t finished shopping, or even started, I hope you can get inspired and if I’m missing something, please do add in the comments below.. :) Happy gifting and Happy Holidays!

For the girls and ladies in your life

1. RAVPower Mini Portable Charger

This charger is a size of a lipstick and they have variety of different color (black, blue, gold, pink and silver). They for sure have the color pink for all the girly girls in your life. It’s $14.99 on Amazon and it’s the perfect gift for the girls (and guys) who are on their phones almost 24/7.

2. Beauty Blender 2-pack with Beauty Cleanser

This thing is amazing and this deal is a steal! Your make-up lover girlfriends will love it if this shows up under her Christmas tree.

3. Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar

It’s a new eye shadow palette from Too Faced and it’s the biggest hype this holiday season.. in the make-up world at least.

4. Bath & Body Works Mix & Match Products

You can never go wrong with these! Your girls can totally use this in any occasions. Even if she already has a collection, it’s never wrong to add more to it. Girls can never have too much lotion and body wash! It’s also the perfect gifts for your boyfriend’s mom and I’ll always go with the hand soaps.

5. Anything UGG Australia

These boots are so comfortable! If you don’t know what style she likes, you can always get the Classic looks. But one of these will guarantee a smile on her face and a very special bear hug for you!

6. Other random things I can think of:

iPhone covers, Starbucks giftcards, her favorite stores giftcards (Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Macy’s, Nordstrom or even Target), iTunes giftcards, JEWELERY!, purses (Michael Kors, kate spade, Coach), anything from the heart will do!


For the boys and men in your life

1. Computer Chair

It’s kind of hard to get a computer chair online because you never know how it actually looks like. My boyfriend has a specific kind that he wanted, which was high back mesh. This chair is what I got for him. I had it sent to his house and we built it together.. :)

2. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

To me, keyboard and mouse for my computer are the same.. But for some reasons, for the boys they’re different. My boyfriend got this lit up gaming keyboard and it looks pretty cool! He also owns a special gaming mouse.

3. His Favorite Sports Game Ticket

My boyfriend is a big fan of LA Lakers! We went to the game probably four times since we’ve dated. The rush of watching the game live is awesome. My friend found this Ticketmaster-certified website to find cheaper tickets. It could be for Lakers and any other sporting events.

4. Nike Shoes

I don’t know why buy they just look so good in Nike! Here are some of my boyfriend’s favorite: Roshe Run and Toki Low.

5. Board Game

My boyfriend and his friends love to get together and play board games. The latest game they were obsessed with was Agricola. Some of the games they play are: Settlers of Catan and Avalon.

6. Other random stuff:

Earphones, Bluetooth speaker, cell phone car mount, Nike socks, slim leather wallet, skinny ties, sunglasses (Ray Ban, Oakley), electric shaver, cologne.


Hope this guide helps deciding what to get the ladies and men in your life! Leave a comment below and share with me what are some other items you are planning to get an have gotten.


Happy Holidays 2014.. :)

December 2014 – Facts

1. I love school! I cannot get over organizing my classes, renting my books and prepping my supplies.

2. I want to have a pet pig someday, but I’ll be really sad once the pig goes to “upstate farm.”

3. I am never a person who cares about how I look, but now I become one. :) It’s good to feel good about yourself by caring about how you look, right?

4. People told me I type really fast.

5. My current obsession is subscription boxes.

6. I have two sisters and I live with them, without the ‘rents.

7. My car’s name is Dante. It’s a 2014 Scion xB.

8. One summer a couple of our friends and one of my sisters took a road trip from Los Angeles, California to Columbus, Ohio.

9. I’ve never been to Europe.

10. I’ve been to Singapore, Australia and South Korea.

December 2014 – 26th Anniversary

Today marks the 26th anniversary of my parents’ marriage! Can you imagine living, loving, taking care, sleeping next to, waking up next to, shopping with, traveling with, arguing with, having babies with, growing older with just one person?..

The love story of my parents are probably ordinary; just like how you meet your significant other. They are seven years apart and they met when my mom was in her senior year of high school. She told me that one of her neighbors was my dad’s cousin. He came from a different part of Indonesia and stayed at his cousin’s house while living in Jakarta.

He used to ride a motorcycle; my mom and my aunt (her sister) flirted with him by asking him to teach them how to ride his motorcycle. Somehow he got stuck on my mom and they started to date. Although they only dated for a few months, my dad wanted to marry my mom right after she graduated high school.

She said they dated on and off because they got married in 1988; when she was 25. My grandpa liked my dad and told her that if she marries him, she will live happily. My parents grew up poorly with only one parent in the household.

My mom’s mom passed away when she was around 9. My grandpa and grandma didn’t lead a happy marriage. Rumors has it that my grandpa married my grandma out of anger because his past relationship was not allowed by my great grandparents. That’s kind of sad; not being able to be with the one you really love. After my grandma passed, my mom was the one who took care of her younger sibling: my aunt and uncle. My other uncle, my mom’s big brother, was 10 years older than her and had already married with kids at that time. They had to share house with my other uncle’s family and it was packed. I heard his wife also took advantage of my mom by asking her to cook, clean and take care of her kids.

My dad’s dad passed away too before I got a chance to meet him. My grandma whom I met a few times passed away when I was little and I remembered my dad told me she was widow for 20 years. I heard stories that my dad was the brightest in his class, but didn’t get a chance to finish school because his family was poor. He had seven other siblings. That’s why I admired his perseverance and determination to provide for his family, and not having us go through what he went through. Although he is stingy at times, he’s a giving person too. He always prioritizes his family..

Their marriage isn’t perfect. They argue and disagree a lot, but I know they love each other so much! They inspire me to look forward to my own marriage in the future and hope to last like theirs is.

Happy anniversary! I love you guys <3